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With a background in videography and photography gained through working with various companies, I have now started my own company – DopeDayz – to explore creative avenues that allow me to fully devote my expertise and passion into every project. As an entrepreneur in this industry, I have the freedom to provide my clients with personalized and tailored experiences, regardless of the simplicity or grandeur of their moments.

At DopeDayz, our goal is to capture and create exceptional pieces that elevate our clients’ memories, leaving them with lasting impressions and cherished keepsakes. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we aim to create visually stunning and emotional pieces that will stand the test of time.

As a visual learner myself, I understand the power of capturing memories through the lens and transforming them into something unforgettable. My hope is that each and every client of DopeDayz will look back on their special moments with joy and gratitude, knowing that we were able to capture the essence of their experiences and turn them into works of art.




Digital Editing

3D Animations



2017 — Only Idea Studios Fiji

2018 — Nasatech Labs

2019 — Software Factory Limited

2021 — Sole-Fintech




Video Editing

Graphic Design

Web Design


Photo Editing

3D Animations


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