Tima & Scar

Takayawa's Wedding

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Tima & scar's Wedding

Step into the enchanting world of Tima and Scar, a Fijian couple whose love story blossomed amidst the beauty of their homeland. Surrounded by the embrace of family and friends, their journey culminated in a captivating wedding that paid homage to tradition and joy.


Against the backdrop of Wesley City Mission Butt Street Church, Tima and Scar exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony that celebrated their deep connection and shared values. This sacred space was the perfect setting for the beginning of their new chapter.


The festivities continued at the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, where Fijian culture took center stage. Amidst traditional elements and heartfelt laughter, Tima, Scar, and their guests danced and celebrated, embodying the vibrant spirit of Fiji.


This portfolio captures the essence of a day filled with love, culture, and pure happiness, as Tima and Scar’s journey of togetherness embarked on a new and beautiful course.






Tima & Scar Takayawa

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